Resisting the Moustache Movement

Jun 21 2012

The world got fascinated with the moustache. They are often used in graphical projects and function as a symbol. People even begun making bets on which next TV presenter will start growing it. In one word, the moustache is back in fashion.

But in the world full of moustaches, we completely neglected the beard. Do you think the beard movement will come?

Night Walk in New York City

May 31 2012

Lets have a walk in the city with an enchanting guide. She will show us much more than we would expect. She takes us round the New York’s nightlife—exciting, full of experiences, where the play of lights and reflections predominates the landscape.

Interview with Alexandra Pacula

The Day When Fashion Meets Tradition

May 19 2012

When I went out on Thursday, everything seemed so quiet and calm. A few Norwegian flags fluttered from windows, a few elegantly dressed people walked around. On a bus stop, there were three girls who looked like from an another era. They waited to get to the Palace.

20 Reasons Why Pecha Kucha is Great for You

May 10 2012

20 slides x 20 seconds—simple idea, so powerful results. If you are in the creative business, you could have heard about Pecha Kucha Night—a social, creative event where people present their ideas, dreams and interests.

If you are looking for an evening full of inspiration, adjust your schedule and go. I know I do, and I’m loving it.