Hi, I'm Marcin, and you?

About Marcin Retecki

In short

I am a photographer based in Oslo, Norway. I designed this website to share my work and inspiration with you. I love art, literature, creativity and warm chocolate. I charge my creative energy with art by such as Ibsen, Munch, or Rembrandt and by many modern designers, photographers, and beyond.

I enjoy photographing people in situations detached a bit from the everyday life, sometimes theatrical, sometimes like in a movie. On the blog you will find photos from recent shoots, tips on my techniques and interviews with curious people.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of service to you.

Anatomy of my photo session

Everything begins with an idea

Every project needs a spark, something that will begin it. But it's only a small slice of the whole process. Many ideas were never carried through as someone didn't have enough time, engagement or energy. The real work is ahead of us.

The right people

One of the most valuable things is meeting the right people. From the very first talk, they create the crucial chemistry needed in every artistic environment. Photographers, designers, painters and other artists, we all have different points of view and together, we can create something unique.

Brainstorming and discousions are important at every stage of planning and execution of a photo session. Every person in the room has their voice. Even if silent, their presence can shift things greatly.

Planning, planning, planning...

The idea usually comes quickly, but it's development and execution is the biggest work in a project. Compared to the session itself, planning takes the greatest part of the time. Solid preparation of even the tiniest details is one of the most important things during a photosession. Having everything ready, but forgeting those spare batteries, can lead to missing the best shots.

The success of a whole photosession often depends on this stage. One can always count on luck, but we count on professionalism.

Technique is just a medium

Knowing your equipment is a fundamental skill. Nowadays, technology gives us endless possibilities. But it's still possible to create amazing photos even with the simplest methods. Sometimes all you need is a coardboard box, a small hole and a light-sensitive paper...

Evaluation on every step

Checking whether everything is implemented according to plan, analysis and drawing conclusions is the only way to develop. It allows to initiate corrections on time, or to find better sollutions. I ask myself: What could I have done better?, and I value feedback from every person.

Join us in the process. Leave your thoughts on the blog.