20 Reasons Why Pecha Kucha is Great for You

May 10 2012
Pecha Kucha Night Oslo

20 slides x 20 seconds—simple idea, so powerful results. If you are in the creative business, you could have heard about Pecha Kucha Night—a social, creative event where people present their ideas, dreams and interests. If you are looking for an evening full of inspiration, you should check it out. Wherever you are, adjust your schedule and go. I know I do, and I’m loving it.

In any town, big or small, it is possible to have Pecha Kucha Night. There are currently 522 cities participating in the event, with over 2000 nights already organized. And what’s fantastic about it, anyone can participate.

I took part in quite a few Pecha Kucha Nights already, both in my hometown Koszalin and in Oslo. One time I prepared a presentation about street photography and other times just came to watch. I’m amazed by all the enthusiasm and creativity surrounding the night.

In my town people organize the event themselves, in different places. On the streets, in pubs or galleries. It took place in The Homeless Gallery that was organized in an old, abandoned building. Other time they even closed the main street creating a pedestrian zone where the stage was set up.

Volunteers prepare the space, organize the equipment and gather people. In Koszalin they even cleaned up an unused backyard between old tenement houses in town’s center, recreating a beautiful space everyone forgot about. People need to engage themselves to make it happen—that’s why Pecha Kucha is so unique.

20 Reasons why You should go to Pecha Kucha

  1. You will meet some really strange people
  2. You will rest from your computer
  3. You will learn what people in your surroundings do
  4. You will learn a thing or two
  5. You will broaden you perspective
  6. For 7 minutes You will enter someone’s own world
  7. You will improve your mood
  8. You will forget about your daily duties
  9. You will see beautiful things
  10. You will be amazed
  11. You will see more possibilities
  12. You will feel the urge for change
  13. You will come up with a new idea
  14. You will find motivation to start up
  15. You will learn how to prepare a good presentation
  16. You will learn how to sell yourself and your idea
  17. People will learn about your idea, business or dream
  18. You will find like-minded people
  19. You will meet potential customers or recipients of your project
  20. You may find your second half

Check it out yourself

Pecha Kucha draws it’s name from the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat.” It has a very simple but distinct presentation method: 20 images in 20 seconds. This way presentations are concise and they move at a rapid pace. They never get boring and the tempo encourages people to tackle their topic in a creative way. Sharing ideas has never been more fun.

Below two presentations from the Pecha Kucha archives.

Be up to date

Pecha Kucha Night Koszalin on Facebook
Pecha Kucha Night Oslo on Facebook
Find a event near you.


When you have some spare time in the evening, and Pecha Kucha happen to be near you, give it a try. Your head will be spinning with ideas, I guarantee.

Even if Pecha Kucha hasn’t yet come nearby, why not organizing it yourself? You can check the requirements on the official website, it’s easier than you think!

Do you participate in Pecha Kucha Night? What other offline creative events do you know?

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  • Indeed. There is something about Pecha Kucha that just gets the creative juices flowing – whether you are presenting or just there to watch, you will be getting a ton of new perspectives and hearing about someone else’s passion. Amazing events!

  • everything you said is so real.
    when the event was done,
    one who can find the second part of life is me.

    nice to know.

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