Week 7 – The Mirror

Feb 22 2010


I was planning something completely different for this week, however, when I went down to our basement, this mirror instantly drew my attention!

I have a few ideas for mirror photos, maybe I should make a mini series? I know it will be fun:)

Anyway, todays photo was inspired by my crazy mind itself. Fantasy, magic and everything imaginative is my second half that I don’t often show through my photography.

The mirror is sucking in my finger,as you can see from my face, I’m not scared, rather amazed.

I wonder, what’s on the other side?


No diagram for today! Instead of showing you directly the set-up, I would like you to try and observe what is going on in here.

First of all you can see there is some dim light all over the scene. It’s actually the window on the left. I have made the light blue with proper white balance setting and dimmed it to achieve “night” effect.

Then there are 3 additional sources. The flashlight is obvious. Besides the effect it also lights up mt hand. Next light points at my face. You can see it’s position by the nose shadow. I used a warming gel there. Third light points at my coat, from the right. It also gives some light on cabinets.

See? It wasn’t so hard, was it?


  • The ripple effect is obviously inspired by the Matrix.
  • The idea popped into my head after the actual shooting. I was opting for “agent looking for evidence” look, but I took a few photos of me inspecting the mirror as well. Turned out to be a good choice.
  • 83 photos taken, it was pain to get my face in focus, after few tries with auto focus I decided to focus manually.
  • The lighting was achieved in camera. Besides the fx on my hand and mirror there was almost no post done.


I’m a huge fan of sci-fi, horror and crime series, but only those that are really well made when it comes to lighting, the props and have strong characters. The plot is usually not so important although crappy plot equals a bipping warning sign.

As I can recommend Lie to Me to all crime stories fans, I can also fully recommend the Fringe. If you liked The X-Files, you should like Fringe too, even though it isn’t so dark. Below a trailer:

If you are interested try this sneak-peek. It is a bit dark thou;)

Hope to see you guys soon on the next In Search for Style article on Friday. Take care!

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  • Loved this one, although it was so hard to decide on which one I should leave a comment as I let myself write only 1 comment. And no, I don’t know why I would do that, lol.


    This one created such strong influence on me & inspired me. I loved the way you used not only the mirror but the surroundings as well. It created the effect that the photo went beyond being a conceptual shoot. It captures reality with the surreal in it, like the real life itself. I think one part of reality consists of imagination and this picture tells the idea seriously well.

    And I’d like to add that your ’50 Weeks’ idea inspired me to do similar projects myself. Thank you for that : )

    All the Best!
    Sinem Yapar

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