Week 6 – The Cold Storage

Feb 15 2010


My mother runs a business called DORET Dorota Retecka. It supplies shops, restaurants and resorts with meat and luncheons. The place where I’m standing is one of her cold storages.

I don’t work for my mom but I try helping her whenever I can. Not in the storage but anyway wanted to show it. For me it is a magical place.. so much mouthwatering food in one room, ha!

Anyway, now I can’t imagine not having it, being able to get basically any meat I want is a luxury you get used to really fast (no offense, vegans).

As I promised, every week something new and different.

In addition to today’s self-portrait I have prepared a little, 4-pics story. No big plot though, just some funny faces.


First I checked the available light and darkened it half stop. I set the first light close to the wall and used a big diffusing panel in front of it. This way some of the light was reflected back to the wall and diffused even more giving a smooth fill.

18mm (28mm on FX), 1/5s, f8, ISO 400

Second light was set a bit to the left from the ceiling light you can see on the photo. The available light was flat and I wanted to add a bit more dramatic feel with a strong highlight.


  • The room is basically a hall that leads to the real cold storages.
  • My ear is all red because of cold. It is around 2C (35F) there.
  • Shooting took around an hour. My fingers were frozen at the end;)
  • Actually I have prepared two different photos this weekend, so I can think about week 8 already.
  • Week 7 will be totally different…
  • Someone could say that this shot is levels below the previous one. I have to disagree.
  • Hundreds have already viewed my 50 Weeks Project. Thank You!

I find that last face hilarious, tell me what you think!

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