Week 30 – The Nightmare

Oct 22 2010

Sometimes nightmares overcome our dreams. We close our eyes and don’t see anything. We open them and there is still nothing. Nightmares are not monsters, it’s the emptiness.

Sometimes our imagination overcomes the reality. We open our eyes looking for something that just isn’t there. We want things that do not (yet) exist.

But there is always a day, when we open our eyes to find the most amazing view just in front of them…

So don’t be afraid of nightmares, they are here to help us overcome our fears.


This shot was taken in a long tunnel at the Grønnland metro station in Oslo. We used a long lens for compression and tight composition on the passage. Long shutter speed let us experiment with the movement. We used 200mm, 1/3s, f5.6, ISO 200.

Assistant: Marta

While walking up and down I was lighted by different types of lamps on the walls. To get such shot you need to search for that sweet-spot of movement and lighting. Don’t get discouraged, just repeat until you get the desired result.

Post-processing was mostly concentrated on color correction and adding dirt and noise. It could have been even dirtier but you have to say stop sometime, don’t you? I’m pretty pleased with the result. The fill-up shot was taken with a similar camera set-up, although you can see how different the mood is:


This shot was taken a while ago, but, due to some perturbations, I postponed publishing it until today. I find it very different and inspiring and, yet, quite dreadful.

This photo has a very expressionistic feel. I will write more about it soon.

Take care guys.

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  • Hey Marcin
    I’m glad you posted this image although it is a bit morbid. Its just amazing. The top one is my favorite,
    where you going for this effect. Please keep it up, it is refreshing to see photographs that are different.

  • First photo seems scary for me to have a closer look. But it’s all worth it! I was so amazed with all the style and creativity.


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