Week 3 – Being a Swimmer

Jan 25 2010


I used to swim a lot as a kid. Even had a proper training and took part in a few meetings.

This week I wanted to travel in time and feel a bit like that kid again. Fortunately it didn’t happen! The feeling is completely different, stronger, screaming into the water drops, meant for competing…

As a kid I thought I took part in a real competition, but I have to admit, I rarely tried my best, only imagined “what if I did”.

Today I know that the real competition is not in the swimming pool, on the field or track. It’s inside you.


50mm, 1/500s, f9

To achieve such effect you need to use cross-lighting. The main strobe was placed at around 120° from the camera-subject axis. The second strobe on the other side, creating a straight strobe-subject-strobe line. I used a small reflector with a diffusing material on the main flash to soften shadows just a little bit. Arrows show the direction of sprayed water.


  • I sprayed the water and modeled at the same time.
  • The shirt I’m wearing is not meant for swimming really. It is a thermo-active t-shirt for running in a bit colder weather.
  • At first I tried my newer swimming-goggles, however, they had too bright color and didn’t match the concept. So I used my almost 10 years old goggles.
  • Oh.. did I say it is hard to spray and model at the same time…duh
  • I took over 50 frames and only a few had the proper water drops and face expression at same time.
  • As I mention in the Info, I used to swim quite a lot. Now I don’t, mostly because I hate chlorine.

Below you can see one of the last photos I took. Batteries on main strobe went down and I took a few shots with just the back light.

Cya on Friday!

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  • Natalia D.

    me like it!

  • Piotr

    Świetne Zdjęcie, nie mam pojęcia skąd Ty bierzesz takie pomysły ^.^
    A co do chloru to wcale nie trzeba pływać na basenie :D

    Pozdrawiam Piotr

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