Week 27 – The Look

Jul 28 2010


The eyes have it all, as they say. They show your emotions, your interest, your state. The slight change can completely shift the impression they make.

We can look at people around us and notice those small differences. Opened a bit wider, eyebrow slightly higher, focused… Telling us all their feelings.

So often we don’t need words, eyes say it all.


After a few outdoor shots we came back to my house for a fully controlled, studio portrait. The idea was to achieve very pleasant and calm face where eyes were the focus point.

52mm, 1/400s, f6.3, ISO 200

I used a white screen to soften the light from the strobe to the right. Second strobe with a warming gel pointed at a gray backdrop.

By using warming gels and proper white balance I have achieved that very warm and rich hue.

Eyes become separated when making everything yellowish and brownish. Even though the whole photo has a warm light, my eyes preserved their blueish hue, setting them in front of the viewer.

Other shot

Below a completely different look made with exactly same set-up. A change in expression completely changed the mood of the photo.

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