Week 22 – The Small Space Shot

Jun 13 2010


After last week’s forest photo I came back home for a tighter head-shot. A bit of a style come back. I wanted to try out the very tight, small space set-up that could get great results. I got inspired by Zack Arias a bit, however I haven’t watched all of CreativeLive this weekend. And no, Zack did not show me the set-up that I just had to check, nope.

What he said was “you need to know your equipment“, which reminded me that I haven’t shot silver reflective umbrella in a long time. And here I did. In 3 square meters.


The light source is from the left, so other side than I’m looking at. This way you can blow the skin a bit without loosing eyes. The reflector on the other side opens shadows and brings some light back to the eyes.

50mm, 1/400s, f8, ISO 200

Other shots

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon next week.

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