Mar 30 2009

Quite a lot has happened recently. My world has shaken a bit when I started exploring possibilities of new media and communication technologies. I read a few articles about micro bloging and it’s possibilities in both gathering answers for your questions really fast and gaining exposure for any kind of on-line business. If you are interested in such things visit: Read Write Web. It’s so far one of the most worth reading web-news portals I’ve found. I don’t mean It’s best, but most things they write about is interesting for me.

In addition I started improving my website. You can already see that my blog got same navigation panel as is on other parts of my site. I will be improving Photo Portfolio page quite soon as well. In plans is also a footer for each page with little site map and keep in touch section. I’ve recently discovered many beautiful designs as for example:
Mackey Designs
New Concept or
Squere Space

I haven’t read this pages yet so I can’t recommend them but they certainly have awesome designs.

Last Friday we had Children’s Books Conference here in Gdansk. It was fun, maybe not much new info but it was nice to listen to nordmenn. I had also prepared a presentation about Stian Hole‘s book titled: “The old man and a whale” (I think it’s not available outside of Norway yet). Funny thing was that we were reading translations of this book. So what does a semi-pro retoucher as myself? I got pics of certain pages that we have translated and started cleaning them up. Oh, i forgot to say it’s not plain black on white book, all text is over colorful illustrations. I had a lot of fun painting over letter after letter so that backgrounds looked as perfect as they could. Then there were beautiful, hand-made fonts used for first letters on each page. In translation all those letters obviously had to be different so I started repainting them. First I searched my fonts library to get one that was as similar in shape as possible. Then I transformed it if necessary and gone wild with paint.

[Edit: Examples are not available anymore, but you should certainly check out Stain Hole's books.]

One thing is sure, I learned a few new retouching tricks, made my hand faster and more accurate and I had a lot of fun doing it!

See ya next time!

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  • Oddrun

    To było naprawdę imponujące ;)

  • nadusia

    dzięki Marcin za świetną robotę, myślę, że się opłaciło, nie tylko ze względu na możliwość potrenowania Twoich umiejętności :)

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