My “Essence of Art”, pt 2

Dec 09 2009

As I have mentioned earlier, I can “feel” art on different levels. It can be either strong, deep emotions, or just plain interest. The problem occurs when I know, that a piece of art is my type, but I don’t feel anything…

For me, it’s like an earthquake, flood and avalanche at once. For many years I’ve been developing deep connections with pieces of art, either movies, paintings, books or photographs. I developed my taste, my sense of technique and expression. I have my favorites, I care about them and often come back for inspiration. This library is getting bigger everyday as I look for more all the time. You could have seen that in my Sunday links mini series. Nowadays I’m sharing my new finds using Twitter.

Feeling nothing has it’s bright sides, I can concentrate on technique, analyze how particular piece was made and learn from it. Yes, sometimes it can be helpful. No, it’s not pleasant.

Opening the Mind for Pure Creative Energy

While developing this website I had days of thinking. I couldn’t create anything. Few months ago, I would just say “ok, I will try other time…” However, now I rather sit, look at what I have so far and think it through. I open my mind for new possibilities. I try to imagine things different way. How would it look like that, or maybe like that..what if I change order, or place or… You can grasp the idea. This way I can get deeper into creative mood.

When I look at a piece of art I may notice expression, technique and style. Forgetting about emotions leaves us with technique and a part of style. It’s the best way to learn new methods and maybe develop our own style. Forgetting about technique leaves us with pure energy. Obviously, it can sometimes leave us with nothing, but thats the way it is.

The more there is between us and creative perception, the harder it is to actually feel creative. It can be our equipment, not feeling comfortable with a subject, or lack of technical knowledge. While in creative process, every little thing can be distracting. And it is a two way communication, it affects your creativity and your way of feeling things that could inspire you.

So, don’t give up, learn, get inspired, create and inspire. Cya next time.

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