End of Spring Inspirations

Jun 16 2009

I guess it has been a while since my last inspirations post. Fortunately I have a bunch of really interesting links today. From adverts and photographers, up to sculpture!

Overall inspirations:

Lets start with two of recent Fubiz updates:

First one presents Calle 13 Campaign. There are couple of very interesting photomanipulations. The first one reminds me of Critters movie. They are certainly worth checking for any aspiring commercial photogs or retouchers.

Second one is a campaign about Domestic Violence. Rather calm (and quite appealing) interiors with words, one on the another. For example: from kiss to rape or from love to beat. Really touching series.

I promised sculpture so here it comes. Simone Decker has created a project about a bubblegum. He has created huge, man-size gum sculptures all around Venice. Maybe not so pretty but certainly interesting.

One more sculpture, this time much bigger, was designed by Mike Ross. These are two repurposed 18-wheeler tanker trucks. This is not only extraordinary design but also a perfect photo object!


I have come across a few quaint togs recently.

One of them is Jo Duck. His style is a bit old fashioned, I have to admit I was a bit bored at first. Although then I found a few real gems in his gallery, so check him out.

Second photographer is Andy Glass. He does some amazing advertising work with manipulations all around the place

And finally the third tog for today is Julia Solice. I haven’t visited her official portfolios yet but I came across abandonedtheaters.com. Very sad series showing once big but now ravaged theaters.

That’s all guys. Thanks for reading.

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