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Jan 08 2009
Winter Time 11

Yesterday was gray, snowy and so cold that even the sea started freezing. However, today the weather was just exquisite, just look at the top photo, I love such views! I couldn’t resist and instead of going to the university I went out to the forest. My Nikon hit 10000 shots today, it was fun to use that camera, small, light and simple. Really all I need for everyday wanderings. Maybe few more pixels would make it better for big prints, but heck, thats really enough for now.

Winter Time 09

After few shots and a nice walk I run across two people around their 80s. They were having a walk on the beach when a woman fell down and broke her leg. I helped them, called ambulance and waited till it came. We had to wait almost an hour couse they couldn’t find the road to beach and exact place where we waited. We had to call them 3 times but they finally arrived and two muscular guys gave help fast and properly. Good i haven’t gone to university that day otherwise there would be nobody to help them.

Coming back to photos, here you have some from today:

Winter Time 08 Winter Time 07 Winter Time 03 Winter Time 02 Winter Time 04

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  • Sieg-Freiheit

    ahhhh… lovely pics!!!, absolutely lovely.
    and… poor lady :S

    now i got the thing of the earlier compliments hehe, sorry, till now i read my blog.

    no, i didnt go to the big cake thing :( hehehe, i was relaxing at my home hehe

    but here u can see something:

    ill explain to u later this whole thing :)


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