World AIDS Day

Dec 01 2008

HIV, AIDS, lentivirus, LAV, ARV, HTLV-III… How you name it really doesn’t matter but understanding what it is and how you can get infected is crucial for you health and further life.

Today is World AIDS Day, as a part of Bloggers Unite I’m showing you this video to think a bit more next time when you get “high”. You can watch whole story on NIDANIH Youtube Channel.

NIDA is an Institute of Drag Abuse which is a part of National Institutes of Health. They are providing both information and support. Their main interest is research about drug abuse and connected to that issues (like AIDS).

Their website is stock-full with information so if you’re into this topic, it’s the first place to go. I’m not quite in the world of drugs, lets be honest, I dun drink, dun smoke and dun take. My world is clean and healthy, most will say “how boring and dull” but I say “how exquisite and lucky”. Think what you want, but I love being able to control myself, being fit and not loosing money on stuff that will give me joy for few hours and leave me with a headache, hangover or moral regret and grief.

Hope You won’t be involved in too many drug’n'hiv situations. Cya soon.

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  • Pieter Van Impe


    do you have any other email adress I can contact you on ? I tried sending you 2 or 3 emails in the past and they all bounced. Now when I tried replying to the mail you send me yesterday it bounced as well.

    Sorry to write this as a comment on your blog, but I wouldn’t want you to think I’m ignoring you …



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