Sunday Links – Working for Free

Dec 07 2008

Many photographers have recently gone to Working for Free subject. I’m currently at stage of working for free to create my portfolio more diversified. Portraits of friends, shooting during shows and events or friends’ meetings. It’s all about learning, having fun and joy of taking photos.

I guess it started when David Hobby from Strobist wrote quite long post about free work on Friday. He brings up some serious and in-depth points. It’s worth reading (whole of it).

His post brought a lot of attention, 250+ comments and replies from different photo-blogs. Two of them are most important to me. Chase Jarvis talks about good sides of free photography. His words are like always wise and sober. Another is Vincent Laforet who brings some points about drawback of free work for whole photo-biz.

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  • David Tejada

    HI Marcin: David here, thanks for having me on your links page. I enjoy your site. DT

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