Sunday Links

Oct 26 2008

I wasn’t quite active past week but I have some hot links today. My new web page design, 20 mile camera trigger, some portraits and Nikon D90.

Robert Benson has always some new, crazy stuff to show. This time he has built camera trigger using a radio signal. He can shoot with his cameras from many miles now, making spying techniques even more useful and kinda scary. I’ve heard it’s illegal to use this type radio signal in this way but heck, it’s so lotta fun!

His latest post shows some new portraits. Nice and clean, check them out.

Kramer Productions is showing a short video from his latest engagement photo-shoot.

Tom Museeuw from lists his equipment he takes for sessions. Article is in Belgian but names of cameras/triggers and other stuff can be easily recognized.

Dave Beckerman from Black and White Photography of New York shows performing subway artists in his latest video. Pictures are stacked with emotion, very worthy checking. Video is with commentary. has posted full review on Nikon D90 DSLR. They are mostly interested in video recording possibilities but it’s worth reading anyway.

Last but not least I have created some first designs for me new web-page. With time I will add more stuff there, first preview is available here.

Thats it for this week’s links. Cya soon.

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